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   Menu/ Provence Region of France  $195.00 per person

Regional Cooking Class is March 17, 2018  3:00-9:00

The Sea Breezes from the Mediterranean awaits

We are saving a spot just for you...

Seafood herbed crepes in a supreme sauce

Salad of Vanilla bean marinated sea scallops and fresh parmesan cheese

Salmon in a spiced wine sauce with purple mashed potatoes and stuffed provence vegetables

Roasted pears from our Auberge de Seattle garden, almond tarte with Lavender cream sauce.



Cours de Cuisine
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France, a country of many wonders and many diversities also has traditional regional cuisine that is specific to each and everu region.  We are including countries colonized by the French under this category too.
In France, every road leads to a splendid food.  More than that, France is a store house of fine ingredients and infinite richness that embraces ancient Regional traditions (zealously retained in spite of new administrative boundaries), the landscape, the flavors of its cuisine and the methods of preparation particular to each small area.  Each Region has maintained the originality of its culinary traditions.  French cuisine is today thought of as a major art form, called French Gastronomy; the cuisine owes this status to the enormous riches of its countryside and to its people who have a history of protecting and guarding their traditional fine cuisine.
We use the best of seasonal fresh ingredients, sans preservatives, additives, or chemicals and you won't see anything frozen or canned used in our cooking classes.  Nor will you find any "GMO" products used here like Canola Oil, Corn products or Soy products.