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Our Cookbook; French Cuisine a Traditional Experience

$51.00 + $4.53 TAXES FOR A TOTAL of $55.54

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Gift Certificate

Auberge de Seattle; Off white heavy duty canvas cuisine aprons with three large pockets;  $23.00 plus 8.9% state tax.                    


Auberge Chef Chapeau

Chef Chapeau, for sale for $15.00 plus 8.9% state tax


Additional fee may apply for shipping.

We are now selling the best Olive OI in the World, OLIVNA from Tunisia; recent Gold Medal Award winner from the 2017 International Extra Virgin Olice Oil Competition in Tokyo, Japan.

750 ML bottle sells for $29.75 and 250 ML for $9.95 Shipping additional.  Olive oil is being picked, pressed and packed at the source.  Unique variety of olives known as Chetoui, grown in the hills of Tunisia.  Guaranteed as a 100 % authentic, unadulterated product, in the ara of rampant fraud in the olive oil industry, they provide full traceability with a vertically intergrated production process.  Look forward to a bold fruity green flavor rounded out with almond.  The bold flavors and full health benefits in our oilve oil can only be obtained from crushing young olives.  Most companies allow their olives to grow to larger sizes in order to maximize profits from available acreage, but older olives have milder flavor and do not contain the same polyphenol count that young fruit boasts.  This is what gives Olivna Olive Oil its distinct flavor.